Our Remote Training Projects For All Courses

Web Design

HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | WordPress | cPanel Hosting | Web Security | Web Freelancing Guide

HTML Simple Site for a new startUp Company
Bootstrap Corporate Site for Remote Internship + Donations
eCommerce site with Paystack Payment Integration for a clothing Line firm
Website 10 Top Feature Integration(Social Media, Chat, SEO, Comment...) - integrated on project 3
Construction/Landing Page/Sales Site for an eatery
News Blog Site
Forum Site Deployment

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Data Science

Python | Kobo | Tableau | SPSS
Smartphone Mobile Data Collection Using ODK for an NGO Data Project
Automated Reports Using Python with case study: SDG Project
Geospatial analysis in Python: NGO and Uber Data Set
Interactive Data Visualization: Case Study : 150,000 Company Employee Data set
Data Science Project: From Data to Visualization - Covid 19 Daily Trends
Exploratory Data Analysis for an Msc Project Case Study using SPSS
Complete 7 Step Data Science Process and Idea Validation for an eCommerce Start-Up using SPSS

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Pro Digital Marketing

Sales | Web Traffic | Lead Generation | SEO
Social Media Strategy for a Food Company
PPC RoadMap and Budget Spends + Expected ROI for a Fashion Store
Digital Marketing Calendar Plan Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy for a Startup Company with 100K Total Budget over 90 Days
Facebook, Twitter, Google PPC Handson and Project
Google My Business Growth Hack Secret Development
Blogging and eBusiness Integration for MSMEs to Lead Generation and Monetization (AIDA Model Implementation)

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Project Management Professional

Cost Management, Planning,Determine Budget for a Tech StartUp
Resource Management, Develop Team and Project Charter for an Eatery StartUp
Rita Mulcahy Summary Project
Comprehensive Project Setup for 2 case study
(a)Football Team
(b)Church/Mosque Renovation
Microsoft Project 2016 Mastery
(a)Software Development Project
(b)Building Project
200 Question Trail

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Human Resource Management

Onboarding, Training and Developing Employees
HR with Limited Resources Strategy
Development of Work Standard and Policy Docs
Recruitment and Selection process
Job Evaluation Task
Job Description Research and Development
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Biz Plans, Feasibility Report, Grants & Proposal Writing

Corporate Mission, Vission, Goal Development
Company Profile Documentation
Business Plan Draft
Financial Analysis/Forcast Documentation
Growth and Marketing Strategy Development
Grant Writing Hands on
5 Sample Business Proposals
Feasibility vs Business Plan Writing

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Mobile App Development

iOnic , NativeScript, Vue, Angular
Tax/ Budget Mobile App for an SME
Text to Speech App for a Language StartUp
Task Mgt App for an Entrepreneur
Daily Motivational App for a Motivational Speaker
Mobile App for an Amazon Book: Conversion
eCommerce Mobile App
100 Recipe Mobile App for a Cake Company

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Advanced Excel & PowerBI

Microsoft Excel | PowerBI
Excel Advanced Functions for Finance and Tech
Excel Summary Reports via Dashboards
Data Munging with Excel,PowerBI
Building a Robust BI Dashboard
Geographical Plots(Maps)
Mobile Reporting from File/Server
Using Excel,Power BI for Business Intelligence

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Web Dev- PHP & MySQL


School Register Mgt System
App Payment Integration Script(Wallet System)
Bootstrap Integration-MySQL,PHP(Login,Register,Reset Password System, AdminLTE Dashboard)
Tech News blog (with comment by readers)
Creative Art gallery Software for Art Institute
Hospital Mgt System for A Private Hospital

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CyberSecurity and Hacking

Web Security(OWASP) | Network Security | Reconnaissance and Footprinting

Social Engineering and Online Reputation Mgt
Top 10 Footprinting and Reconnaissance Hacks: 10 top Nigerian sites case studies
Scanning Networks and Web App: 3 case studies
Enumeration and Vulnerability Assessments: 3 case studies
Top 5 System Hacking Methodology: 1 case study each
Malware Threats: Hack Method and Countermeasures: Virus/Malware Creation and Analysis case study
Hacking Web Applications with focus on OWASP framework- Web Pen-testing. 2 case study

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Graphics, Branding, UI/UX Design

Adobe Illustrator | Figma | Photoshop

Elements of Design Practice- Figma/AI
How a Logo evolves - Process
Product and Corporate Design 2 Case Study
Brand Collateral Development/MockUps
Corporate Identity Workflow
5 Case Study Comprehensive Brand Identity Project
MobileApp Dev UI/UX Case Study
Web Apps/Websites UI/UX Case Study

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Hardware and Networking

CompTIA A+,N+ Certification Fundamentals
PC SetUp- Clone a PC
OS Setup and Software/App Installation
PC Troubleshooting,Field-Replaceable Unit (FRU) change
Wireless, LAN Network Setup
Network Security/Monitoring
PC/Network Maintenance Routine Guide

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